Case Studies


Case Studies


When Exelon faced challenges in preparing employees for critical and high risk job functions, Proforma provided a cost effective training solution through Virtual Reality that not only improved performance but also created cost savings.


When Nexgrill and KitchenAid partnered to offer a new line of high-end outdoor grills, it was essential to position their grill line effectively in a competitive market. Proforma honed in on the grill line’s audience and then developed video and web content to reach them.


Beckett Energy Systems had answers to the questions that customers were asking, yet it wasn’t capturing and converting leads from its website. Proforma deployed behavioral-based marketing automation software and custom content to engage, qualify and nurture the leads that had previously been slipping through the clients’ hands.


When Centra Health needed an agency of record, Proforma had the strategy, tactics and execution to help the organization grow its footprint, attract new physicians, and communicate effectively with patients and consumers.


The Delta brand, once a leader in precision tools, was in decline in 2011 when Proforma was brought in for a turnaround. Proforma was put to the test against budget and time to revitalize Delta’s brand and complete what would typically have been a six-month project in just 90 days.


Nova Bus was excited to share the prototype of a new bus line at an important industry trade show. When they learned their prototype would not be ready in time, Proforma developed an engaging virtual reality experience that took the place of a physical prototype.


Greif turned to Proforma when they needed a video produced quickly to launch a new line of products. Greif was so impressed with the results, they assigned more projects to Proforma. We became their trusted agency and completed a variety of projects that improved Greif’s overall marketing strategy.


JC Resorts owned and operated four resorts, each with different branding. They contacted Proforma to refresh their overall brand and incorporate it on a website for each distinct resort. Proforma crafted a suite of websites that showcased each resort’s strengths while still representing JC Resorts as a whole.


With an international tradeshow around the corner, Parkinson Technologies needed a way to engage potential customers without physical equipment. Proforma created a virtual reality program that allowed sales staff to demonstrate the capabilities of all six of their machines without the hassle and expense of shipping the equipment.

Our Clients

We wouldn’t be who we are today without our clients, who have given us great challenges, opportunities and partnership. While this isn’t a full snapshot of the clients we have worked with, we hope it serves as a representation of our diverse capabilities.